What green means to us

Cleaner energy and certified safety

Like you, we’re worried about climate change and pollution. Like you, we also want to do something about it, before it’s too late. That’s why, as a team of concerned engineers, we’ve come-up with a cleaner, versatile and high performing industrial battery. We did not stop when we developed the Lead Crystal® batteries, we strive for 100% sustainability in every aspect of our business from raw materials to end customer.


Cleaner battery electrolyte composition

Lead Crystal® batteries hold less acid, no antimony or cadmium. Our batteries are qualified as non-hazardous, normal goods for airfreight, sea freight and transport by road.


Complying with ISO 14001

With our Lead Crystal® technology, we comply with the ISO 14001 standard which represents the core set of standards for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system. This means that we try to minimise the impact on environment, comply with applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally oriented requirements and within this scope continuously improve our operations.


Up to 99% recyclable

While conventional lead based batteries are typically only 95% recyclable, we’ve now pushed that up to 99%. Also, less acid, no cadmium, no antimony so less risks of health hazards.  Lead Crystal® batteries are classified as non-hazardous goods for transport.


Longer service life

Lead Crystal® batteries last up to four times longer than the conventional lead acid type, which means far fewer batteries produced globally resulting in substantially less pollution.


Collecting and recycling batteries

We have a global system in place for the recycling of batteries. Through a carefully selected network of partnerships we are able to offer a solution for collecting and recycling not only our own batteries, but also conventional lead acid, lead gel and SAM types. 

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