Our customers are our priority. We exist to provide you with the most reliable energy solutions possible. This way, we are able to build a strong reliable brand and a loyal customer base. Have you purchased our Lead Crystal Batteries? Let us know what you think. 



Here are already some of the things our customers have said about us:


 “The use of a high reliability, wide temperature range UPS and a Lead Crystal® battery solution has made the provision of UPS solutions at traffic intersections much more practical, offering Traffic Managers opportunities to protect against disruption being caused by mains power failures at more sites than ever before.”


-        Keith Manston, Head of Product Management, Siemens

“Especially in the purpose of charging and discharging, the Lead Crystal® batteries matched out every other competitor. Due to the low inner resistance, even small amounts of electric energy can be stored. The high charge and discharge rate, combined with the very good efficiency and lifetime, makes the Lead Crystal® battery a good and reliable one. Another big advantage is the high level of safety compared to lithium based batteries. We consider these batteries as ‘green’ batteries. They are recyclable up to 99%.”


-        Dr. J. Lührs, Managing Director, Gesutra GmbH

“RAS has undertaken intensive testing on various battery technologies and have concluded that the Lead Crystal® Batteries give the best value for money over the lifetime of a project. This is due to their extreme temperature operating ability, very deep discharge recovering ability, very low internal resistance that limits the amount of gassing, extending the life of the battery.

RAS has selected the Lead Crystal® Battery technology to be the battery of choice for all future projects relating to solar and also projects that require batteries to perform for long periods of time in remote and diverse non-optimal conditions.”


-        Michael Daniel, Renewable Energy Specialist, RAS

“Results obtained from capacity tests proved that the Lead Crystal® Batteries exceeded the performance of batteries used and tested during my 30 years involved with the installation, testing and commissioning of all different types of batteries and power units (rectifiers). I will fully recommend using Lead Crystal® batteries on all types of industrial installations.”   


-        B. Cuba, Siemens

“The Lead Crystal® Batteries complied 100% with the performance claims made by the manufacturer. Lead Crystal® Batteries over performed if compared with manufacturer’s specifications. No concerns – excellent battery – performance exceeds expectations.”


-        Investigation and report by Nokia Siemens Networks



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