Betta Batteries is a market leading technology and power solutions company that develops and commercialises next generation technology. A creative accelerator specialised in ground breaking innovations and green technologies.

Betta technologies
As a leading global innovator of battery based technology solutions for small to large scale projects including, Energy storage, Solar, Original Equipment Manufacturers, military, telecommunications, motive, robotics and more.

Do you have a battery problem?
If you answered YES then contact Betta Batteries today. Its international team of engineers has unparalleled passion and vision.

Betta batteries
Betta Batteries focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of industrial Deep Cycle batteries based on its own unique and patented Lead Crystal™ technology. Betta Batteries group of companies is the ONLY manufacturer of Genuine Lead Crystal™ Batteries globally. Don’t be fooled by imitators.

While continuing the development of innovative clean power solutions Betta Batteries want to give the industry the power to change.


Blue-sky thinking. Clean energy technology.
With few exceptions, the world’s leading companies are actively seeking sustainable ways of doing business. Sustainability is not only energy consciousness however. It’s about quality, environment, safety and health. You need to think about the surroundings and combine development, construction and use. Consider capital expenditures and operational expenses. As an innovator in the field of power, we are helping leading companies make this happen.

We believe that few industries are so well positioned to positively impact the world as the power industry. By actively seeking collaborations and partnerships with forward-thinking players in the market, we hope to accelerate the advancement towards better and greener products.

Michelle Lees Rowing Challenge.
Bringing phone reception to a remote mountain town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Our goal is to develop products that deliver cost benefits well into the future, our products are designed to be conscious of the environment and we are actively involved in technology innovation through the development of our people and our products. Betta Batteries is community focused and plays an active role in charities and worthy causes all over the World. Betta Batteries products are endorsed by the World Bank for projects where mankind needs a helping hand and we are very proud to contribute.


World leading performance
Robust, resilient, high performing. Lead Crystal™ batteries can be discharged deeper, cycled more often (also in extreme temperatures) and have a longer service life. They recover to full rated capacity over and over again.

A unique micro-porous Super Absorbent Matt (SAM), high-purity lead calcium selenium plates, safe SiO2 electrolyte solution that solidifies into a white crystalline powder when charged/discharged.

Cleaner & safe
Less acid, no cadmium, no antimony. Lead Crystal™ batteries are up to 99% recyclable and are classified as non-hazardous goods for transport.

Lead Crystal™ batteries are being used in telecoms, ups, petrochem/marine, defence, renewable energy, health care, manufacturing, transportation and electric motion (wheelchairs, golf carts & trolleys)


Company Profile
Number of employees: 210 (Over 750 involved in manufacture)
Number of countries present: 16
Founded in 2007

Location offices & plant
Shanghai China
Utrecht The Netherlands
Brisbane Australia
Dubai UAE
Florida USA
Johannesburg South Africa

Management team
Jacques Addinall – Chief Technology Officer
Eric van Honk – Chief Commercial Officer


Cleaner energy and certified safety
Like you, we’re worried about climate change and pollution. Like you, we also want to do something about it, before it’s too late. That’s why, as a team of concerned engineers, we’ve come-up with a cleaner, versatile and high performing industrial battery. We did not stop when we developed the Lead Crystal® batteries, we strive for 100% sustainability in every aspect of our business from raw materials to end customer.

Cleaner battery electrolyte composition
Lead Crystal® batteries hold less acid, no antimony or cadmium. Our batteries are qualified as non-hazardous, normal goods for airfreight, sea freight and transport by road.

Complying with ISO 14001
With our Lead Crystal® technology, we comply with the ISO 14001 standard which represents the core set of standards for designing and implementing an effective environmental management system. This means that we try to minimise the impact on environment, comply with applicable laws, regulations and other environmentally oriented requirements and within this scope continuously improve our operations.

Up to 99% recyclable
While conventional lead based batteries are typically only 95% recyclable, we’ve now pushed that up to 99%. Also, less acid, no cadmium, no antimony so less risks of health hazards. Lead Crystal® batteries are classified as non-hazardous goods for transport.

Longer service life
Lead Crystal® batteries last up to four times longer than the conventional lead acid type, which means far fewer batteries produced globally resulting in substantially less pollution.

Collecting and recycling batteries
We have a global system in place for the recycling of batteries. Through a carefully selected network of partnerships we are able to offer a solution for collecting and recycling not only our own batteries, but also conventional lead acid, lead gel and AGM types.

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