Are you a battery abuser?

Are you a battery abuser?

Post courtesy of our friends at 4×4 Wiring Solutions.

Liam’s Camper Trailer Battery & Charging Upgrade. Liam is a battery abuser. He uses his camper a few times a year, never charges the batteries, and runs them flat until his fridge and lights won’t run. He also leaves the batteries sitting flat for periods of time. Liam needed a tough system that could stand up to neglect and punishment.

I set him up with a pair of 80A/h Lead Crystal Batteries, on a custom tray, with a Redarc BCDC 40 amp charger. New wiring, sockets and connections to run his fridge, lights and inverter all week long!

Liam’s battery system is now tough enough to handle any abuse he can throw at it!!!

If you know a battery abuser, tag them…..

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