Betta make sure your battery is a genuine lead crystal battery

Betta make sure your battery is a genuine lead crystal battery

Betta Batteries has recently taken strong legal steps through its lawyers against a Gold Coast-based company that created a trading name “Better Battery Co”. That company imported into Australia and sold AGM batteries wrongly labelled as Lead Crystal Batteries. This action has resulted in an out of court settlement. The actions of that company and the steps that we have taken against it act as a timely reminder to those who would seek to mislead the public and also for consumers who want to buy quality, high-performing batteries to be vigilant.

Seen by many as a disruptor in the traditional lead battery business, Betta Batteries is experiencing rapid growth both in Australia and globally. As a result, many battery companies are seeking to capitalise on the success of the Betta Batteries Group. Some of these companies are even falsely claiming that Betta Batteries’ Lead Crystal Batteries are nothing more than a “glorified AGM” – which they are certainly not.

Mr Jason Marshall, the Australasian Sales Manager for Betta Batteries say’s, “The fact is that companies in the Betta Batteries Group hold many patents surrounding the Lead Crystal Batteries technology. We are the only manufacturers of the Genuine Lead Crystal Batteries World Wide. Anyone else selling a Lead Crystal Battery is either selling a mislabelled battery or has breached our intellectual property. We are ever vigilant at pursuing any operators who are misleading the public, and remind people that they may well have a case to answer with the ACCC for miss representing a product”.

The identifying mark of a Genuine Lead Crystal Battery is the Genuine Betta Batteries logo on each battery.

Another commonly used misleading tactic is to add the word “Crystal” to the name or type of battery even though it’s not a Genuine Lead Crystal Battery. However, these batteries always fall well short in their cycle count. A Genuine Betta Batteries Lead Crystal Battery will do 6600 cycles at 20% Depth Of Discharge (DOD) at 20°. Imitations will not. It pays to very carefully check the datasheets of the product being offered to you when making purchasing decisions.

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