LEAD CRYSTAL® BATTERIES - For Sub Station Backup

Lead Crystal® Batteries can play a critical role in providing an immediate and continuous supply to Grid substations’ auxiliary loads such as switchgear, automation and protection circuits, as well as command, control and automation equipment, in the event of a power failure.

Lead Crystal® Battery technology has many advantages over traditional lead-acid batteries, which are prone to heat loss and sudden death, including significant increase in reliability and availability, almost eliminating maintenance and reducing replacement costs through longer life, giving the lowest total cost of ownership of any available battery currently on the market.

With high temperature rating of up to 65°C, no gassing and minimal self discharge (20% of capacity per year) and with lower losses due to temperature than VRLA, AGM and Ni-Cd, our batteries are maintenance free. No liquid top up, no gassing, no shipping or storage losses.

  • 55 x 2V Cells for 110V
  • No Gassing
  • No AC required
  • Deep Cycle, 100% DOD
  • 18 year Design Life
  • Maintenance Free
  • Perform like Ni-Cad
  • Long Storage Life

LEAD CRYSTAL® BATTERIES - For Grid Smoothing & Peak Shaving

Grid Smoothing can help with unpredictable changes on the supply side, such as variable (or intermittent) generation from solar or wind generators or unplanned outages. Variable supply can further complicate grid balancing. As the amount of variable generation on a power system increases, so may the need for ramping and regulation services. A battery system at a wind farm, for example, can potentially be used to ensure the wind project delivers its forecast level of power until the grid can accommodate a change.

Peak Shaving is similar to load levelling, but may be for the purpose of reducing peak demand rather than for economy of operation. The goal is to avoid the installation of capacity to supply the peaks of a highly variable load, for example, the period of time between sun down and peak demand dropping on a solar system. Commercial and industrial customers can store up energy throughout the night and meet daytime demand.

  • 225 x 2V 3000Ah = 1MW usable backup
  • No Gassing
  • No AC required
  • Deep Cycle, 80% DOD design
  • 4.5 years at 1 cycle a day
  • Maintenance Free
  • Perform like Li-ion


Datacentres, Network Operation Centres, Webhosting companies and other organizations that store their own data – such as Military, Financial Institutions, Municipalities, Governmental Agencies, Telecoms companies and many more, require uninterrupted power to – need continuous and uninterrupted power or they risk losing critical data. Lead Crystal® Battery technology delivers high performance emergency power when needed – maintenance free, without the requirement of a separate battery room and without requiring the batteries to be cooled. With a float life of more than double Lead Acid and comparable to Ni-Cd (without the nasty chemicals and strict maintenance routine!), Lead Crystal® Batteries require replacing less often and ensure the lowest TCO on the market. Why pay for Lithium-Ion when we have a solution that meets the expected life of your equipment perfectly!

  • 2V 100Ah to 3000Ah
  • No Gassing
  • No AC required
  • Long Float Life
  • 12 years + at 25°C
  • Maintenance Free
  • Perform like Li-ion
  • Less than 1/3 of price


Portable power is nothing new, but containerised energy storage hasn’t hit the mainstream yet! With Lead Crystal® Battery technology overcoming many of the issues associated with power mobility, it’s now more feasible than ever to consider safe, green and portable power for a number of applications, including:

Temporary Exhibitions – Instead of noisy diesel generators, install a 1MWh container. Charge it offsite and drop it in, fully charged. Switch to Hybrid mode and reduce Generator run time.

Military Bases – Silent power to run a base. Safe, containerised storage that can be charged once a week with a single mobile generator. Need more power? Add another 1MWh container!

Construction Sites – reduce the number of generators, fuel and maintenance by installing containerised storage to carry the site until grid power is connected. With a charge efficiency of 93% and temperature resilience up to +65°C, Lead Crystal® Batteries can reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Silent Operation
  • Reduce Generator Run Time
  • Charge Offsite and deliver
  • 20kWh to 30MWh
  • Maintenance Free
  • Extend Generator Life
  • No Diesel topup
  • Green


Solar and Renewable Energy power sources are developing and becoming adopted at a tremendous rate. With most countries setting aggressive targets and plans to increase levels of power derived from sustainable sources, we’re not going to see a slow down in uptake any time soon. As the amount of power being generated grows, so will the problem of load/ storage for utility companies. With direct to grid energy, it’s not so much a problem while the power is generated… but what about when the sun goes down or the wind stops?

With a Micro Grid storage solution, excess power generated can be stored ‘locally’ and smoothly released and sold back to the consumer, filling any demand gaps.

  • Hybrid Home, Tower or Wall
  • Containerised Grid Smoothing
  • Return to Grid – smoothing
  • 20kWh to 30MWh
  • Lowest TCO storage


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